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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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literally. >> the hot seat sure enough. yesterday we made 94 degrees. >> it didn't feel so bad because the humidity wasn't so bad. >> the humidity wasn't as oppressive and today we may make 98 degrees and the humidity is coming up. so it will get worse. not much to tell you about a few high clouds passing by. it is a quiet morning. a little hazy in one or two spots and temperatures this morning in the 70s. some areas in the 60s, especially north and west of washington. locally we have some 60s there. 68 fairfax. 66 sterling and great falls. 70 andrews and 64 at ft. belvoir. so, comfortable start but a hot finish. code red air quality. we will talk about that coming up. highs in the upper 90s.
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patranya bhoolsuwan? >> good morning, everybody. we are starting with the big picture. what is happening around the valley right now. the only action to watch for is this outer loop at branch avenue. still there after two hours now. it has been blocking three lanes. watch for that if you are heading out on 495 in maryland. as we switch over, quiet between 95 and 270. no problems to report here. the beltway as we switch over to see how things are looking between springfield and tysons corner, clean and green. no problems. on 95 in virginia that might be heavy later today as people make their way back to dc but right now things are looking good northbound and southbound and finally in dc we are moving on m street right now looking on key bridge over to georgetown. no big problems reported. back to you. hopefully this will be the last day more than 1 million wssc customers in montgomery and prince georges counties
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have to conserve water. crews are hoping to finish repairs on a 96-inch main which shows signs of rupturing last week. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with the latest. >> good morning. very good news this morning. wssc is reporting that old repairs on the pipe behind me should be complete by some point today. but until then wssc is requiring that these mandatory water restrictions stay in effect for nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery county. crews have been working around the clock over the 4th of july weekend to fix this failing water main in potomac, maryland. by monday morning the cracked 16-foot section of pipe had been removed and replaced. the next step is testing water samples to make sure it isn't contaminated with bacteria. >> we are making progress but need to encourage all of our customers to cut their usage. they have cut it 8.5% but we
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need 30%. >> that's not good enough? >> that's not good enough. we need more. >> reporter: a 30% reduction in water usage. that's the goal from day one of the disaster but usage has only dropped half of that and even with wssc police out in full force this holiday weekend. by sunday evening they had issued 233 warnings for violating mandatory water restrictions. they even imposed $500 fines on two customers after they had received warnings but chose to ignore them. so, you know, the bottom line, there were some people, some businesses who said, you know what, it is 4th of july weekend and we are not going to comply with man da tear water restrictions. they took the fines but for the most part most residents around the area where the construction and repairs are taking place said they understood what was happening and were more than happy to comply with the restrictions. regardless of whether you were
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willing to comply or not, the bottom line is that everybody, all of these water restrictions should be lifted by some point today. great news. back to you. >> thank you. thousands of 4th of july revelers crowded the national mall at numerous vantage points in the district to celebrate our nation's 234th birthday. the day began with the capital 4th which was held on the west lawn of the capital building. as always the highlight of the evening was the 17-minute firework show. >> it was marvelous, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> made me proud to be an american. >> usa! >> we come back every year because it's amazing. >> reporter: a number of revelers were from around the country and 9 news now managed to find one as far away as india. a man claimed to have a bomb in his back back. he had marijuana but no explosives. his name has not been released
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officers opened the park a short time later. president obama hosted military members and their families for a 4th of july barbecue. >> renew our commitment to stand with those around the world like us who believe in that simple yet revolutionary notion that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. >> reporter: the president called on all americans to make sure our troops are have the support they need. in addition to the food the white house enjoyed free entertain and a great view of the fireworks. vice president biden spent july 4th in iraq. >> please remain under cover. there is a threat of indoor fire. >> reporter: he got a demonstration of a security alert as loud speakers sounded at the u.s. embassy in baghdad after what was described a small explosion in the heavily fortified green zone. the vice president called on lawmakers to form a government which includes all the main
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political blocks. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with a look at world markets. we're on holiday in the states. want the rest of the world? a mixed picture overnight. and we have a day off today. traders are of course taking a day off in honor of the 4th of july holiday and probably a good thing investors are getting time off, as well. given the performance the u.s. market has put in lately. the dow fell for the seventh session in a row on friday. for the week the key averages fell between 5 to 6%. a consumer alert this morning involving buy son meat. rocky mountain natural meats issued a recall for 66,000- pounds of the meat. it is linked to e. coli illness and six people in colorado and new york. it was sold between may 21st and may 27th. don't be surprised if you start to see fiat dealerships
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popping up. they last sold cars in the ' 80s but chrysler decided to set up separate dealerships. they return to the u.s. markets in december with the fiat 500 which is a highly efficient, european small car. the u.s. government gave fiat control of chrysler. >> i like the look of the fiat. very cute. >> all right. tell us what you have in the next half hour. if you are traveling overseas to europe, we will have two tips to save you money while you are there. an arlington couple is expected back in court this after confessing to being russian spies and waiving their right to a bail hearing. they raised two young children in arlington high-rise. but it turns out they are russian citizens and their names are different. arrangements are being made to send the children back to russia. police have surveillance
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video which maybe connected to the murder of a teenager. it's from a business at the fairfax plaza shopping center off of gallows road. vanessa pham was there on june 27th. an hour later, officers found her body and her car on a service road. the 2009 james madison high school graduate had been stabbed to death. they hope tips from the public will lead to an arrest. panic as two parade horses stampede in to spectators. that story is coming up. one wounded veteran with memory loss is remembering the skills she's learning at a horse therapy program. nasa only has two missions left for the shuttle program. find out why they will be postponed. it is 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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one woman is dead and several more in critical condition after a stampede at a 4th of july parade in bellvue, hay. two horses broke off the parade route and charged no a crowd of spectators. 20 people were injured and a couple of those in critical condition are young children. a bomb scare at jfk airport last night. the north authority received a call jameing there was a bomb a at the airport. at the same time someone found an unattended bag. officers checked our out the airport. they didn't find a bomb and passengers were allowed in the terminal. nasa is delaying the two final space shuttle missions saying critical equipment will not be ready in time. 's launch, scheduled for mid september has been pushed back to november. the smut shuttle program is being retired after the last two trips to the international space station. hundreds of wounded veterans get to be star athletes for a week. that story is coming up. plus, some severe weather
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leaves a trail of damage in the country's mid section. will we see anything but severe heat here, howard? >> that's right. severe heat and humidity and some air quality issues. we will talk about that as we head to the first full week of july when 9 news now
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national weather service confirmed a tornado cause damage in kansas yesterday. it flipped over an rv with two people inside but they were not hurt. the storm damaged outbuildings and brought down degrees and power lines.
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>> no stranger to that sort of weather in that part of the world. tornado alley. >> what about us? it is all about us. >> the heart of heat alley the next few days. it will be some kind of hot around here. temperatures at or above 100 the next few days, maybe near 100, you know, 98. >> heat indisease -- >> no that's the air temperature. the heat index will be over 105. more likely to have a heat advisory. one of the smartest things you can do if you are feeling overheated, cold shower. it will help to cool you down. talk about the weather headlines. heat wave. the heat is on. we will be near 100, if not over it the next few days. upper 90s. low 100s. does it matter much, no, not really. the heat advisory likely tomorrow. possibly wednesday, as well. code red air quality also. that just means the air is unhealthy because of ozone.
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especially at the ground level with these conditions. if you are going to be outside an epa guy said it is like getting a sun burn in your lung if you breathe it too long and consider that. and consider your pets if you normally leave them outside. make sure they have water or shade or get them inside and help them out. here's the forecast for today. 98 today. 100 tomorrow. 98 on wednesday with a slim chance of a shower or storm on wednesday. rain chances pick up the second half of the week. sunny and warm. 60s and 70s to the 80s. sunny and more hot and humid than it has been over the weekend. 95 to locally 100 with a southwesterly wind at five to ten miles an hour and tuesday -- tonight, hazy skies, warm and muggy. lows in the 70s tomorrow 100 for a high. nothing going on. we have high pressure upstairs and at the surface. so that is giving us sinking air.
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61 manassas. that's the cool spot. martinsburg and cumberland 63. 68 in tappahannock. bill in newland was 73 and on the bay in annapolis, lou anne was 73 degrees. a few high clouds and a southwest wind at five miles an hour. look at the warmth, shooting up in chicago at this hour, nearly 80 degrees and all the warmth is here and moving to the east. ahead of the front, showers and storms lining up here from oklahoma up through wisconsin and another piece of energy in to nebraska. the front will have a difficult time penetrating the upper- level area of high pressure. this ridge giving us a hot, sticky, steamy weather. that will be around for three days. if we are lucky only three days. possibly longer. i will be a little optimistic with the seven-day forecast. we will see relief here. second half of the week with showers and storms becoming more likely. that will knock temperatures in the low 90s on thursday and maybe if we are lucky, upper 80s to 90 over the weekend.
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patranya bhoolsuwan is here with traffic. >> talking about lucky a lot of people get to sleep in this morning, which is great. if you are out and about, we have good news for you. the accident on branch avenue on the outer loop in maryland has cleared. no big problems on that side of the beltway. moving to the north side of the beltway as we take a live shot at colesville. looking good in both directions. no problems reported here. moving to virginia, good morning to you. hope you had a good night out there. celebrating out there. good centreville to 50 on the beltway. seeing more traffic on 395 moving northbound to the 14th street bridge. no big problems here around the duke area. finally, in the district, we look at south capitol and suitland parkway. nice and quiet. a lot of people have gone home for the night and probably will be in bed for a while. have a great monday out there. in the living well headlines, researchers get clues about memory loss from a
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rehabilitation program for wounded troops. claudia suffered long and short term memory loss since her fuel truck was attacked in iraq in 2003. she doesn't remember being in iraq. the divorced mother of two joined the heros on horses program in tucson, arizona as part of her treatment and although she doesn't always remember she's been on a horse before, staffers say claudia remembers what she has listened there. >> we would teach her a skill one week and she could remember it to the next week, but she may not have remembered my name. >> reporter: it is hoped that since claudia can remember her horseback riding skills that she will learn to remember things like picking her children up from school. 500 veterans are taking part in the national wheelchair games this week in denver, colorado. the competition got underway yesterday. it ranges from bowling to
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soccer to kayaking. the games run through this friday. a washington nationals pitcher makes the all-star roster, but his name is not strasburg. we will tell you who's going and who you can vote in coming up in sports. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today, july 5th -- this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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good morning. has there ever been in much fuss over an all-star selection for a losing team, i'm not sure but the last few weeks have been discussing strasburg, could he, would he be selected to the all star team? no. it was announced yesterday and he was left off thoroughser in lui of others who have been in the show all season long.
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strasburg's numbers through six starts. he is 2-2 with a couple of no decisions. 2.45 earned run average with 53 strikeouts. reliever led the nats for the first half of the season. tied for second most not bad for the man who wasn't offered a contract by itself pittsburgh this off season. >> i'm proud of matt. you know, he was a great addition to the club over the winter. matt is a class act and a power pitching strike thrower and i'm happy for him that he made it. zimmerman can make the all- star team. he was one of five guys nominated. fans can vote on-line to get him to the game t it will be announced on thursday.
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there was a game yesterday. the mets are ten games over 500. the nats handled the metropolitan for the most part winning 7 out of 11 against new york this season. can't beat saturday for drama. a come of the ninth comeback for a win. let's look at sunday. stallen with lights out. but davis, ike ike baby. two run shot. makes it 5-0. new york out quickly. zimmerman, his first home run since june 12th. the nats bang out 14 hits and run stammon. the nats and the uso teamed up often sunday to give kids a chance to enjoy a game. it recognizes the challenges and sacrifices made by military kids especially those who have parents deployed overseas. it will continue the rest of
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the season. a look at sports this morning. have a great monday. now to the nba free agency watch. so far no word from the top five cleveland cavaliers forward lebron james. the league mvp met with several teams over the weekend including his current team, place miami, chicago and the clippers. he may not make a decision until later in the week. metro commuters could find trains more packed than normal this week. that story is coming up. the u.s. commander in afghanistan talks about his plan for a turnaround after the deadliest month yet for american troops. after a holiday weekend without outside water use, restrictions on a million wssc customers could be lifted later today. it is 5:25. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. we have a structure fire in the district to watch for. this is rhode island avenue it is closed between 1st and lincoln at this hour.
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crews are trying to tend to two houses on fire at rhode island avenue. watch for that. we will have more on this and other understand dens to watch for after the break.
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♪[ music ] if you thought last night's fireworks were hot, just wait until you see what the mercury is going to do this week. good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this monday morning. patranya bhoolsuwan will have the traffic in a moment. shouldn't be too bad for folks enjoying the holiday. i don't want to jinx it. howard is here with the forecast. we should all stay indoors after we hear this. >> go ahead. we won't take it out on you. >> it is going to be some kind of hot. look at the positive here. it will be positively atrociously hot this week. we will be talking upper 90s, 100ish today, tomorrow, wednesday, as well. this morning it is not that bad. if you want to get out and exercise, do it early.
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code red air quality. so it will only get worse the air quality as the day goes on and hotter than the 60s and low 70s we have now. 74 at the naval air station. >> winchester is 70. cumberland, martinsburg, orange 63 along with manassas. 64 frederick and gaithersburg. upper 90s today. hot and humid and a code red air quality. a house fire in northeast dc. watch for road closures. right now definitely a report of a fire down here that they are working with. move on to how things are looking on u.s. 50 at the toll plaza. no big problems for folks heading out to the beach.
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the drive back is not too bad out there. staying in maryland, switch over to 270 for folks heading southbound or northbound on 270 father hurley toe split. no big problems reported and the beltway from 395 to 66 things are looking good, as well. it is 5:30 on monday morning. we are going to switch over to andrea. american forces in afghanistan have a new commander this morning, general petraeus took the reins of the 9-year-old war on sunday. as tara mergener reports he is pledging to get the job done ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the man credited with turning an the war in iraq plans to do the same in afghanistan. >> we are in this to win. that's our clear objective. >> reporter: general david petraeus took command of 130,000 international force on sunday during a ceremony in kabul. he admitted while it may be tough it is more important than ever to drive militants out of the country. >> we must demonstrate to the afghan people and to the world
5:32 am
that al-qaeda and its network of extremist allies will not be allowed to once again establish sanctuaries in afghanistan. >> reporter: but the general has its work cut out for him. june was the deadliest month for u.s. forces with 60 troops killed. according to recent polls public support for the 9-year- old war continues to fall. petraeus is under pressure to show resolve. the white house plans to pull out troops next july. >> what i worry about more than anything else is the july of 2011 firm date. >> reporter: senator mccain and other republicans slammed the deadline on sunday. they worry a firm date will raise doubts about america's commitment in afghanistan and invite more trouble. >> if you tell the enemy that you are leaving on a date certain u unequivocally the enemy will wait until you leave. >> we'd love to bring home
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troops as soon as possible but if conditions don't allow in july i don't think it will happen. >> reporter: unfortunately for u.s. troops that may mean celebrating another of july weekend far from home. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. in montgomery and prince georges counties inspectors were out looking for water violaters this weekend. all of this because crews are repairing a 96-inch main which has started to crack. kristin fisher is watching the crews at work in potomac, maryland this morning. good morning. >> it was a hot 4th of july for all of us but especially hot and dry for the 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties that were slapped with these mandatory water restrictions over the holiday weekend. now, the goal from the beginning of this near crisis has been to reduce water usage by 30%. so far, wssc is reporting that
5:34 am
water usage has only dropped half of that and that is even with wssc police in full force over the holiday weekend. last night, wssc police issued 233 warnings for violating these mandatory water restrictions. they had even imposed $500 fines. 500 on two customers after they received warnings and chose to ignore them. even though the customers did not meet the water conservation goal wssc says low water pressure has not been a problem. >> we have plenty of water. the water is good quality but we want to make certain we have enough on hand in the event something comes up, an emergency or another major break. >> reporter: crews have been working an the clock to fix the failing water main. by monday morning the cracked 16-foot section of pipe had been removed an replaced and the next step is to test it to make sure it isn't contaminated with bacteria.
5:35 am
the testing of the water will be tested at a silver spring lab and it takes about 16 hours to complete. that's what is taking place right now. it is also the reason you don't see much activity on site right behind me. because most of the work is being done in the lab. the good news for everybody affected by this is these repairs should be complete by today an all the mandatory restrictions should be lifted by the end of the day. back to you. >> thank you. metro says there could be shorter trains during rush hour this week. that's because system officials have removed 100 rail cars from service. the 4,000 series cars will undergo performance tests and repairs after workers noticed problems which could cause the doors to open while the train is in motion. cars will be put in to service once they are repaired. it could take a couple of weeks to finish all of them. time for another "living
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$mart" report. jessica is back with the recent opportunities for college grads. >> if you are looking for work there is god news out there but there is a but. there is always a butt but it -- if it involves accounting, engineering or finance there are are new jobs available. employers in accounting and engineering made the most job offers. the entry level positions were $50,000 a year. the government is putting a lot of product information at your fingertips. the newly revamped website rolled out a host of mobile applications. find out about product and food recalls, track calories and find out about the way to security check.s at the airport. it is available for android phones. blackberry and iphone apps are coming soon. if you are traveling
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overseas on a shoestring budget here's some money saving tips -- for more money-saving advice, check out my blog, the of course hostiles may not be everyone's cup of tea but one way possibly to go. >> ryan air, is that the one where i am standing up. >> standing up and paying to use the bathroom but it is cheap. >> thank you. a new exhibit is on display at the national building museum. it features 15 famous landmarks skillfully recreated with legos by ark check chorial artist tucker. it runs through september 5th. tickets are $5. the holiday was no pick pick along the gulf coast. that story is coming up.
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and plus a storm system below the equator picks up surf on the west coast. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. good morning, everybody. 5:37, almost 5:38. we are looking live at 95. i want to remind everyone, hov restrictions lifted everywhere except route 50 because of the federal holiday. be aware of that. and right now we will toss it to break and be right back. signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air.
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in the news now. flags in our area will return to half staff following the 4th of july holiday and stay that way until tomorrow after the funeral service of senator byrd. he died a week ago today at age 92. the former majority leader was the longest-serving senator in u.s. history. an investigation is underway in to a deadly fire at
5:41 am
an egg processing plant in texas. hundreds of firefighters battled the flames. three entered the building but one was overcome by the smoke and flames. high surf advisory in california until tomorrow. that attracted body boarders on top of the weekend control crowd. storm system is causing large swells. former maryland governor who hopes to beat the man who once defeated him talked to us in a one-on-one interview. here from bob ehrlich coming up. and a virginia farmer has new worries with outland of hot weather settling in this week. howard, how hot? >> we could be talking triple- digit heat around here. while it is comfortable now it won't be much of the week. we will have the steamy hot forecast when 9 news now
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welcome back to 9 news now. gulf coast business owners are hoping things will improve the july 4th holiday is winding down with hardly any tourist dollars. business is way down at pensacola, florida by as much as 70%. >> i should be doing $35,000 week. and we're going to be lucky if we do a $15,000 week. >> this is the busiest week of the year for us. sometimes it is critical to whether it is a profitable year. >> reporter: b.p. has brought in a giant machine to separate oil from sand in louisiana. in pensacola, cleanup crews have been working by hand. b.p. paid for gulf coast fireworks displays but residents say what they really want is the company to stop the leaking oil. bad news for virginia
5:46 am
farmers with the heat spell. their crops are in desperate need of water. we have more on one farmer who says his corn has really taken a hit. >> in nokesville, virginia, this farmer's one acre of sweet corn is dry and wilting. >> probably lose 50% due to the dry weather and the heat in the last few weeks. >> reporter: he says during a normal growing season, the corn stalks would be six feet by now. here's the reality this year. stunted stalks with curled, yellow leaves. >> we would expect two good ears on it. we have one ear here that is probably not going to be marketable. >> reporter: the good news is he will irrigate the rest of the crop so he won't face a total loss but overall virginian farmers are suffering from the lack of rain. the university of virginia's climatology office says the temperature has been 10 to 15 degrees higher than normal the
5:47 am
last two weeks. >> pretty unpresence debted for for it to be dry this early. in my ten years experience of growing vegetable crops we have never had a june this dry and one of the problems is we didn't have a lot of slow moisture coming in. >> reporter: as the farmer's crop takes a toll, so does your wallet. >> we will have to irrigate a lot of corn this year and translate in to a slightly higher price for customers. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9 news now. the state of virginia has not declared an official drought. so she is hoping for rain before planting the fall crop, that's pumpkins. howard bernstein is here now to give him any sign of relief? >> not for a few days maybe them second half of the week but it is not just him, but farmers in new land and coton tock tan and the pennsylvania border and they have been irrigating with access to good wealth have been okay but if they don't have the irrigation it has been bone dry for weeks
5:48 am
and it has been hot and unfortunately all of the wetness, if you will, the snow that we had early in the season has not translated in to a good spring and early summer. talk about the records to beat. i don't think we will set records because they are above 100. except dulles at 99. could come close actually in dulles, but everybody else in the low 100s and that is back in ' 99 a very hot year. looking at the next three days, we will be near record territory. the problem is for you record lovers that low 100, 102, 103 are the record highs and we will be close. upper 90s today. near 100 again on wednesday. wednesday a slim chance of a thunderstorm. things will pick up if we are lucky by thursday. the forecast first, this morning, sunny and warm. 60s and 70s will quickly climb to the 80s. light southwest winds. sun comes up in a minute there at 5:49. sunny and more hot and humid than it was over the last
5:49 am
couple of days. 95 to locally 100 with a southwest wind at five to ten miles an hour. tonight, hazy, warm, muggy, lows in the 70s to near 80 with southwest winds at five. it won't be nearly as cool. dew points have come up to the 60s now. last week the numbers were in the low 40s and upper 30s. the air is starting to moisten up and get that sticky feel to it. 73 is our current temperature with low 60s in some of the mountains and suburbs to the west, charlottesville 64. locally 61 manassas. 73 national. 60 andrews. even the eastern shore we have 70 easton. 74 in southern maryland and 69 right now in the winchester area. 73, mostly sunny, southwest wind at five miles an hour and the dew points in the low 60s. we will watch this front here. not make much progress because to the east of that boundary, this is where we had strong to severe thunderstorms and a tornado in topeka yesterday.
5:50 am
to the east of the boundary, high pressure is blocking everything. sinking motion. it is hot and dry. it is sticky. it will be that way at least the next three days, possibly longer than that. the seven-day forecast, and i'm an optimist, i'm an optimistic. 98 today. 100 tomorrow. 98 on wednesday. where am i optimistic, the second half of the week, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday better chance of showers and storms as we cool off. maybe by the weekend upper 80s to around 90. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thank you very much. a holiday for many of us but not for firefighters in northeast dc. right now they are working this house fire on rhode island avenue between first and lincoln and for drivers that means potential road closures to watch for in this part of the city. watch for that. they are working the scene as we speak. moving on to the outer and inner loop of maryland on the north side here in montgomery county. we are seeing more traffic pick up as the morning moves forward. no big problems. it is a holiday so lighter than
5:51 am
normal as you can expect out there. on 95 and bw parkway, right now still no problems between 695 and 495. good news for folks heading out on the bw parkway or 95 to the airport. no big problems there on that route. switching over to i-66. wide open lanes as well. a nice stretch throughout the day and a reminder that hov restrictions are lifted on all major routes here, except route 50. same story as i told you on 395 as well. from 14th street bridge to the beltway and vice-versa. things are looking good as the sun comes up. back to andrea. later this morning, maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown will be at the leisure world independence day parade in silver spring. so will bob ehrlich the former governor now hoping to unseat governor o'malley. he announced his running mate on thursday and he is answering questions about a federal lawsuit against a company owned by mary kane's husband.
5:52 am
bruce leshan talked to him in a one-on-one interview. >> bob ehrlich and mary kaine suggest the tide is running against the democrats. we are going to win all but the four. >> he will have to cut the huge margins o'malley racked up in montgomery county. that maybe one reason he picked mary kaine to run with him. although she has already lost two elections in the county. >> what makes you think the election would be different for you than the last two times you have ran in montgomery county. >> i'm running with bob ehrlich. >> kaine still hesitates on questions about a federal lawsuit alleging double billing, inflated prices and short-changed wages at her husband's company. >> you were on the board of directors. are the allegations false? >> that is something you have
5:53 am
to direct that question to him. i am not privy to that information. it is a privately held concern. when we bought the question at first, yes, i was. but i did not do any of the day to day running of the company. >> mary cane. >> reporter: he served as ehrlich's secretary of state but her start was in joe biden's office. >> when you worked for joe biden. how do you feel about joe biden? >> i was young. it was my first job out of college and i had an opportunity to work on the hill. who wouldn't take an opportunity like that? >> reporter: led to an opportunity like this. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> mary cane and her husband own a $2 million home but says she has no plans to self finance the campaign. she is putting three kids through college and doesn't have a lot of disposable income right now. if you have gift cards
5:54 am
gathering dust in your wallet there is a way to turn them in to cash. details coming up. and the connie island hot dog eating contest is marred by the arrest of a former competitor. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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three, two, one, put down your hot dog. >> joey chestnut is top dog in the nathan's hot dog eating contest. with thousands of spectators looking on he gobbled down 54 hot dogs and buns in just ten minutes. 11 more dogs than the second place finisher. police at the event led previous hot dog eating champ away in handcuffs. witnesses say he rushed the stage after the contest. last year he ate 62 hot dogs to come in second place but he didn't compete this year because of a contract dispute. we spend more than $80 billion a year on gift cards an get this, about $5 billion worth never get used. but lesli foster tells us you can unload the unwanted gift cards and turn them in to cold,
5:58 am
hard cash. >> i actually have a stack of gift cards that people have given me that i don't have time to use. >> i get them and end up not using them. >> reporter: if your wallet full of gift cards you haven't used? we will show you seven websites where you can sell them for cash. >> turns out you can sell unwanted gift cards for up to 90% of the card's value. >> consumer report checked out how much you could get for each of the gift cards including applebees, bath and body works, the gap, kohls, macy's, pier 1 and wal-mart. for a 0 -- for a $50 gap card prices range from 32.50 to $40. >> wal-mart cards were the most valuable in our search. >> reporter: no one site always had the best deal so you have to shop around. these sites will let you buy cards at a ground you could pay
5:59 am
$40 for a $50 gift card. that's $10 saved right there, but you have to be careful. >> reporter: when buying a gift card look for a guarantee on the site. >> if the site doesn't have a guarantee you could be out of luck if the card turns out to be invalid or has lessen this the advertised value. >> reporter: don't lose that gift card, you won't be able to replace it because you won't have a receipt. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9 news now. the government is getting ready to help people who have gift cards they haven't used. in august new federal rules will make it illegal for gift cards to expire within five years after they have been purchased or reloaded with additional funds. for more on the gift card rules go to and click on "living $mart." thank you for watching us at 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with the forecast and you want to stay indoors and close to an air conditioner. >> eve


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